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How to make a CBD chocolate cake

CBD edibles

How to make a CBD chocolate cake

With CBD edibles becoming legal in so many states a whole different culinary scene has opened up for people. More and more bakeries are coming up that sell varieties of food that are infused with CBD. Gone are the days of cheap quality brownies, now anyone living in the states that have legalized marijuana can avail fine CBD chocolate truffles, delicious cheese crackers and even CBD drinks. If your state has legalized marijuana or CBD oil then you can purchase them and make some delicious treats for yourself and friends. It will then be home made and you can control the amount of CBD you put in it. Making CBD edibles at home is not difficult at all, like you can easily make a CBD chocolate cake for yourself or a friend’s birthday. Here is how you can easily bake one at home with minimum effort.

An easy recipe is to make CBD chocolate cakes that are single serve and the CBD oil is not mixed into the cake batter but in the chocolate that you put inside the cake so it becomes like a lava cake. Baking CBD edibles can be tricky since CBD oil vaporises and you will have a hard time making sure of the quantity that you are to put. In these single serving chocolate lava cakes, there is 5mg of CBD oil. You can infuse the CBD oil into chocolate that you melt at home or you can buy CBD chocolate that you later put in the centre of the cake batter. The second option saves you from having to measure exactly 5mg which can be difficult without proper tools. You just buy chocolates that have 5mg CBD oil and use that.

Serves: 4

Total time: 20 minutes


CBD chocolateOne cup of butter, unsalted and some for greasing molds

Chocolate 50-60% cocoa content. It should be chopped

Eggs two whole and two yolks separate

Granulated sugar half a cup

Twenty mgs of CBD oil if you are making your own infusion

Flour two teaspoons and some extra for coating the molds


The oven should be at degrees Fahrenheit and you should preheat for 10 minutes before baking

Take the butter and put it in a bowl and melt in in the microwave. To this hot melted butter put the chopped chocolate and stir till it is smooth

In another bowl place the whole eggs and two yolks with the CBD oil and whisk till fluffy. In this mix the flour and beat again. When it is free of lumps, mix this into the chocolate mix and whisk till smooth.

Take the four individual molds and brush the inside with butter and then put flour to coat dusting off the excess. The batter must be equally divided among the four molds. You can refrigerate the batter if you like but bring to room temperature before baking.

Bake for 7 to 8 minutes till the tops puff up. Remove from oven and let cool. Enjoy!

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