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How to carry CBD oil on a plane

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How to carry CBD oil on a plane

What is CBD oil?
Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a liked natural medication used for treating many common sicknesses. CBD comes in many forms, of which drops are what we are considering here. Many researchers are still working to find out to which extent CBD oil, CBD pills, or other forms of CBD help. Nevertheless, many people believe that CBD oil/CBD pills aid them in fighting anxiety and jet lag. Some travelers even prefer to keep CBD with them as a skincare or beauty product. However, the question remains for many that will their CBD oil be allowed through airport security?

Carrying CBD oil on a plane
Are we allowed to carry CBD oil on a plane? The answer to this most frequently asked question by CBD users is MAYBE. The days of carrying poison rings with any kind of drug in them are long past gone. Nowadays carrying medication with you whilst traveling is a strict business. It has been allowed that people may carry CBD oil, CBD pills or other forms of CBD medication if they fulfill some given requirements. However, the catch is that no one is sure about what those requirements exactly entail.

cbd pillIf you are taking any form of CBD medication due to a subscription then it is best to carry the subscription with you when you are traveling in case there are any questions. It is also better to keep the CBD pills for example in the original packaging. Keeping the product’s certificate of analysis is also a good idea as it can show that the CBD drug is of medical grade.

If you have any doubts regarding taking CBD oil with you on an airplane it is better to leave it at home. It is highly recommended to not take CBD products, especially CBD oil, with you on international flights. Taking any such medication to an airport is walking a fine line between legality and illegality and one must be cautious.

CBD pills
Solid pills or tablets are not subjected to as much scrutiny as liquids, gels, etc. on a flight. Mostly it is not necessary to remove pills from your carryon bag during security checking. It is also not necessary to inform an agent about the fact that you are carrying any sort of solid pill medication. But as CBD is a product of the marijuana plant, one can never be too safe. So it is best if you take proper precautions regarding your situation.

cbd pill

Some other options
Better than the anxiety due to wondering whether your CBD oil or other products will be permitted through security or not is to make sure it is legal at your destination before you leave for your flight. Another good option can be to order your medication of choice to your destination beforehand. So that you may have easy and sure access to your medications.

Be safe when traveling and always try to be aware of what you are allowed to bring with you and what is prohibited. Happy traveling!

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